Crushing the game in 2018

Happy New Year Curlfriends,

It’s been a while, but I’m back like I never left. As you know, I took a hiatus so that I may focus on another blog for school. Although I took a break from posting, I have tons of content on Blogger’s Sorority, as well as on my Facebook like page and YouTube Channel. I will now post only on the 1st and 15th at 6pm every month. Follow me on twitter if you want to share a personal story or have questions.

Typically I am not one to post multiple memes about who I am cutting off in the new year or the “new year, new me” campaign, but I often check in with myself and reassess not only my brand but my spirit and the path that I am taking. So here is a recap of what I have been through in 2017, how I grown since 2016, and what I expect of myself in 2018.

Problem: LACK OF FOCUS. In 2017, I started off oh so wrong in the love department. It hindered the growth of my channel and my focus. In 2016, my channel was at it’s infancy. It has grown substantially as far as direction, but I am still working on consistency with visuals and timeliness.

Fix: CREATE A PLAN I recognize that I was just aimlessly getting by with no structure. As a creative it seems normal or even ideal, however, everything needs some type of structure. In 2018, I plan to make a schedule and stick to it. One thing I have learned from my internship is to produce results, not excuses.

Problem: ENGAGING IN TRIVIAL AFFAIRS. I have continuously shared my past constantly needing to fit in. Unfortunately, it was at my own expense. I’ve acted out and done and said things I was not proud of, I eventually became the woman who is seen as a girl. I was seen as someone who could not be taken serious. Due to lack of focus, I foolishly engaged in gossip and spent way too much time on the “in-crowd”. I realized that the in-crowd isn’t what it’s cracked up to be and they can turn on me once I decide to pursue my own passions.

I knew that. I’ve learned not to be a “herder.” If I were to become associated with a tainted crowd or some type of controversy, that’s it for my reputation. I’ve known to stand to for something or fall for everything, In the digital world, it is easy to become guilty by association and that guilt may be irreparable. That is why every interaction I make should be well thought out and consistent with my own beliefs.


Fix: FOLLOW MY INTUITION. It’s exciting to take risks, especially when they happen to work out in my favor. It is also a sour moment when it doesn’t. I will make a diligent effort to always research on whatever I get involved with and who I let into my life. If I don’t have time to do that research, then maybe it isn’t worth it. Stay away from office gossip. Keep a clean profile on ALL social media handles. Stay in crowds that represent what I care about. Change my scenery ever so often, so that I am not socially trapped in a box. Finally, utilize my time wisely by perfecting my craft.

Problem: SELF DEPRECATING. In our culture, it is acceptable to make crude jokes to one another and on ourselves to deflect nervousness and insecurities. To onlookers, it comes off mean spirited and pathetic. On the inside, we second guess ourselves, wondering if there is some truth behind the crude “joke.” This behavior is pretty much shooting myself in the foot.

I observed a culture built amongst women over the years that may have a crippling effect. “Ingenuine preying” on other women in hopes to be more desirable. I paused and asked myself these questions? Is this a compliment or is this inappropriate? Would I let a man treat me the same? So why should I let other women do it to me for the sake of being on trend?  If it’s not appropriate at the workplace, it is not appropriate in public.

I’ve learned to think and act like the boss I am meant to be. If I am still behaving like the entry level employee that can easily be replaced, how can I ever be credible enough to fulfill my dreams.

FIX: CHANGE MY MENTAL SPACE. I have to constantly remind myself that my reputation is only in my hands. I chose that my reputation means more to me than a fake persona. The way I allow people to speak to and treat me reflects in the respect that I have for myself. The older I get, the more standards I require for myself. I vow to stop talking down on myself. Feeling good about myself will help me treat others accordingly. This mentality in turn will help me have less bad days and less self doubt.

With these major changes, I vow to be a better person to myself. I owe myself so much and I tend to sell myself short.

I hope this post will inspire you to make minor tweaks in your life to remove any roadblocks that would help you grow mentally, professionally, and emotionally. Let’s crush 2018 and I hope to hear what your goals are as well.


1 thought on “Crushing the game in 2018”

  1. This year I will focus more on my relationship with Christ, stop comparing myself to others, attain my goal weight and only do what I feel like doing. I will no longer do something just because, it must have a purpose or I need to use that time doing something productive. Great read!


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