Curly-“Male” Crush of the Month: Julius Jackson: Lessons from a pro

Hey CurlFriends! We have another steamy one!

As I have decided to do CurlyBae Crush monthly! It will give each Curly-Cutie more spotlight time. How exciting!

This month is already starting off pretty steamy with pro-boxer and top Chef Julius Jackson!

julius 3

Julus has been known to fill some pretty big shoes! He has successfully built a career on pure discipline and love for what he does. He has seemingly done it all!

He is a professional chef, professional boxer, mentor, philanthropist, husband, and newly added to the list, father!


Julius is a powerful man from humble beginnings. He credits his upbringing for the discipline that have been instilled in him from a young age. Boxing had been a past time for him until he qualified for the OLYMPICS for 2008! Talk about an overachiever!

julius 1

Although he did not win that year, the following year he did turn pro. From that point on there was no turning back.

He became a well respected chef on island by establishing his roots at the popular restaurant Fat Turtle in 2010. His boss was supportive of his aspirations and did not limit his schedule. He worked around it!

His talents started attracting talent scouts and producers to endless opportunities. To include pay-per-view fights, cooking shows, his own YouTube channel, and special guest appearances! Who said you can’t have two successful careers at once?

julius 2

His successful journey doesn’t stop there. He has also dabbled in acting, created cooking labs which benefits charity, and has an upcoming cookbook coming out.

julius 5

With his hands full, he never neglects his family and friends. He places both as high priority. He believes that he would not be where he is today without the support and patience of his family and friends, and for that he will never make them feel any less than the superstars they are in his life.

julius 6
“Money is great, but I cherish relationships more, you have to be kind.”

Julius lives with high integrity. He is the all around, great, stand up kind of guy. His style of living gives people who encounter him a sense of hope.

julius 9He encourages everyone who is pursuing their dream to go hard for it or don’t bother. You have to be willing to give your 100 percent  and aim for high goals.

His key advice is to listen to others who have lived the dream you are pursuing. Be accepting to feedback, whether you agree with it or not. When you start to reject feedback, people tend to rather watch you sink, than to ever offer a helping hand because they know it won’t be valued.

julius 10
“True success is maintaining your relationships. When people can say you are a good person throughout your entire career, you know you have made it!”

Julius isn’t even 30 and he has been crowned an ambassador for his hometown. A great role model for men and boys of any age.

Lastly, Julius wanted to share his secret to the balance in his life:

  • He has faith in God. Whether you believe in God or not, have faith in something to keep grounded and to have values to adhere to.
  • Make sacrifices, but be vocal about your intentions to those that you love.
  • Make it clear to your loved ones how important they are to you.
  • Aim high and go hard.
  • Keep your family in mind with every decision you make.

Hopefully, the next thing on his repertoire is a book! This man is impeccable.


We can all learn a little from Julius.

Be Kind!

Make Sacrifices.

Have Substance.

We are CurlyBae!


CurlyBaesign out



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