The First Official Curly-“Male” Crush of the Week: Tony Bongiovi-LaBeet

Boy, oh, boy curlfriends!

Turn your thermostat down because this is a hot one!

The first Curly-“Male” crush is one of the most admirable and ambitious public figures I follow! He is the jack of all trades, and I couldn’t be more honored to have him featured on my blog. Everyone meet Tony Bongiovi-LaBeet! (TBL)



Tony is quite the charmer. He has a limitless personality, cool minimalist style, and killer brows.

In the infancy of  his career, he was merely an artist who loved to perform. As any other artist, he had the vision of becoming successful, however the resources were limited. Rather than calling it quits or depending on other sources, he began to develop skills to help himself. Everything from building his own studio, photography, cinematography, directing, video editing, marketing, you name it. With his new self-taught talents, he began to draw attention to his work.


He then formed a production team with a few friends. At the time he didn’t realize how his career would change.


“I am completely sure of myself. It’s everything else I am  unsure of, but it is because I am so sure of myself, I am willing to explore the unknown and risk it all.”

Tony has worked alongside some of the industries biggest artists and brands such as Maroon 5, Drake, R.City, Blac Chyna, Usher. The list is infinite!  All it took was a leap of faith to leave his small hometown in the Virgin Islands, and dive head first into a boundless pool of opportunity. He credits his success to understanding the importance of working hard, setting clear goals to eliminate procrastination, and having a sense of urgency.14045664_580167114744_3211926839145610270_n

One of the most impressive traits of Tony that helped him set his trail ablaze, is his ambitious drive. He is the kind of man who holds himself accountable for every word he says. Keeping on top of his to- do list, he in turn has built credibility for his brand. Any task that he completes remains consistent, professional, and trademarked with the infamous TBL signature.

In less than five years, he has built a repertoire as a professional who has been in the league for over 20 years.  He believes that he has come too far to give up and does not plan on slowing down anytime soon.

tony 3

Along the way, Tony has encountered many obstacles. He has learned to stop listening to others when they try to discourage him from pursuing his career. “People tend to project their own insecurities onto others, I have learned to tune them out.”

By doing his own thing, more doors of opportunity has opened for him.


“Don’t judge my life by what you see on Instagram and social media. That’s just the highlights.”     -TBL

He is a man with high values and understands the importance of loyalty to his relationships. The most precious relationship to him is with his amazing daughter.


The growth that Tony has displayed is far more than impeccable. He is rapidly becoming the man he dreams to be and much more. He is is paving the way for young professionals who look up to him.

This Virgin Island’s powerhouse takes pride in accomplishing the goals he has set for himself. His most recent goal was to visit Thailand. He has always been fascinated with the Asian Culture, and was determined to make that trip.  As I said before, he says it and it comes to fruition.  Take a look!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tony places tremendous value on his relationships, including his day one team, G.E.A.R.S. productions.

G.E.A.R.S. Team

While other’s may be content with achieving this much success, Tony doesn’t want to get too comfortable. He dreams on having his name on a building one day. He wants to “Tyler Perry” the game, make movies, and build his own empire to enjoy with the people he worked hard with to get there.


“I love what I do, I can’t see myself doing anything else.” -Tony

He is more than just a hard worker. He is a genuine friend. He tends to be the smartest guy in the room, not because he knows everything, but he goes above and beyond to figure out the answer.


Tony embodies everything that I could envision a Curly-“Male” Crush stands for. He is zealous, confident, and unpretentious. To have the honor, to have him featured today is by far the highlight of June!


Tony left us with a few parting words of wisdom:

Nothing is so complicated that it cannot be simplified by hard work. Work hard, play hard, and focus. Believe in what you are doing no matter what other’s tell you. Drown out as much noise as you can, and be sure to make the MOST out of every experience. 

What a guy!


Be like Tony.

Be Inquisitive.

Be Honorable.

Be Your Own Person.

We Are CurlyBae.



CurlyBaesign out


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