CurlyBae Crush of the Week: Natasha Collymore

Hey Curlfriends!

I’m back at it again with another crush!

I want to start off by saying that I’ve noticed a trend of “Baes” that have been nominated and I must say I like.

They are strong, independent, have a story to tell, and extremely creative. My crush this week falls nothing short of perfection. Everyone give a warm welcome to the edgiest, minimalist I know, Natasha Collymore!

FullSizeRender (2)

An artistic creative whose free spirit created a new path for all female warriors. Natasha has been known to do her own thing despite the crowd. She tends to go against the grain and naturally follow what feels right. She has found her own algorithms to keeping self-doubt at bay and breaking any stereotype that has been formed for her.

Natasha recalls the days when she felt peer pressured or the need to fit in. She became notoriously known for an image that did not represent who she truly was. She made decisions that were not conclusive with her beliefs. She unintentionally began to fit the box that people had created for her.


Life experiences had taught her that opinions shouldn’t shape her future. She realized that what others thought of her did not reflect her true spirit. She developed a love for all things art. She is able to capture beautiful moments that the average eye took for granted. Slowly but surely she began to break that fictional mold and create an new, beautiful one.


She is able to open the world’s third eye through her photos and force her audience to view the world from new perspectives. She proves the saying right, “You don’t have to change a thing, the world will change it’s heart.”


Natasha is the epitome of pure innocence. She is inquisitive, intelligent, and fun loving. She is such a fire ball of spontaneous energy, you never quite know what adventure she would take you on. One may never begin to understand the complexity of her mind.  She is a whirlwind of beautiful chaos. The average eye would not comprehend how the depth of her simplicity runs deeper than white oak roots. Such prolific visions that incite analytical thoughts. The only accurate window to her soul is through her art of capturing the world through her lens.

Photo Cred: State of Mind

Natasha has gained empowerment by becoming the matriarch of her own family. Learning to provide and make decisions along with her supportive boyfriend Collin. They are picture perfect as they have not only become an inspirational power couple, but loving parents to their charismatic baby boy.


They make it look so easy!


Natasha is a a triple threat as she takes the world by storm as a freelance makeup artist and photographer and CEO of Natasha Collymore Photography. She juggles all of these titles while still maintaining her most important role as a mother.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

This curly haired beauty loves to switch up her styles. Her go-to products are Moroccan oil products which help maintain the elasticity of her hair and keep frizz at bay. This helps prevent heat damage with her occasional straightening. It is important to keep her coils hydrated so she invests in coconut milk serum. She is completely obsessed with it’s ability to help her hair retain moisture.


Overall Natasha is perfect in every way. She is passionate, goofy, brilliant, and creative. She has learned to accept her flaws and cope with negative feedback into jaw dropping images that evoke emotion.



Natasha embodies the saying, “Meet darkness with light again and again and again.”

Natasha is light.

Entrepreneur. Mother. Creator.

My Muse. My Inspiration. My Soul Sister.

We Are CurlyBae.


CurlyBaesign out

P.S. Make sure you follow her on fb and book a session today 


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