CurlyBae Crush of the Week: Asatta Jones

Hey Curlfriends,

My next beauty is an absolute honor to cover. She is a Puerto Rican charm with a breathtaking aura that illuminates from within.

A woman who is absolutely the most comfortable in her own skin, that it bleeds into any environment that she graces.

Everyone, I would like you to meet CurlyBae Crush of the Week, Asatta Jones!

asatta jonens

She has a background in Mental Health Counseling, but she felt as though she could be doing more than working in a typical doctor’s office. Her everyday life was mundane and draining. One day she discovered a new hobby that changed her life.

asatta 3

About eight years ago, Asatta began pole dancing as a hobby. Her goal was never to be pole star. Her only goal was just climbing to the top. That’s it! It was a struggle. It took her months, but once she got there, she knew that she was capable of anything.

Asatta has then taken her passion for educating others in wellness of the body and mind, and she made it her life. Her hobby has now become a career. She prides herself in the obligation for helping her students attain ultimate peace and overall wellness. It is such a beautiful thing when a person can wholeheartedly love what they do.

asatta 1
“It’s not about being sexy for someone, it’s about me !” -Asatta

Today, Asatta is a certified fitness instructor and yoga teacher. She blesses all of her students with moments of clarity and the knowledge of how to keep it within arms reach. Building strength physically and mentally is what she hopes all of her students are able to take away from each session.

asatta 6
“The bond between mind and body cannot be broken.” -Asatta

With her tiny frame, she beams confidence with every step she takes. Her presence demands attention, much like her own supernatural A-list celebrity status!

Her authenticity gained her popularity among her students.   “When you are not authentic, people will detect it, so its best to be yourself and let others decide if want to accept you,” says Asatta. Either way, she has built herself an empire on helping others achieve inner peace.

asatta 4
“If you put out your vibe, you will find your tribe.” -Asatta

This ambassador of empowerment believes that women are beautiful in their natural state, they should not try to fit the mold that society has built for us. Being an instructor allows her to see women in all different forms. She continues to encourage them to love themselves and provides them with moments to access mental freedom.

“In times of great grief, you find out what people are made of.” -Asatta

The peaceful glow  she possesses is something that others have spent their entire life trying to find. She was not always this confident, which is hard to believe. She recounts the days when she refused to wear shorts in public! Through her spiritual journey she found that true happiness is to look in the mirror and being okay with the person who is staring back at you. “Comparison is the thief of joy,”a quote her friend, Rachel Hill always says. Overtime, she has learned to not live in her shortcomings and learned to laugh at herself more and accept who she is without comparing herself to others.

asatta 2
“Yoga is not just about pretty poses, it’s about mindfulness.” -Asatta

This adorable goofball has the remedy to cure a broken soul. She knows that love should always be reciprocated and not obligated. Keeping that in mind  helps build and maintain healthy relationships along with setting healthy boundaries.

“We all have bad days

and people who will try to make life harder for you,

the best way to fight it is to meet darkness with light.

WE ARE ALL DYING! Be with people who make you happy!”



When it comes to hair, she keeps it pretty simple! She uses two products, coconut oil and anti-dandruff shampoo. (which is key when you have a low hair cut.) She did the big chop on October 4, 2012, due to not wanting to deal with the maintenance, and has not looked back ever since! Her husband is extremely supportive in everything she does, he even cuts her hair, and she returns the favor.  HOW CUTE!

asatta 5

Asatta is everything that CurlyBae stands for encouraging others, being brave, and being a light for all who accepts it. She is an all around spiritual badass. Eventually Asatta plans to teach yoga classes to areas where underprivileged people may have the opportunity to experience it. She wants to help others lead a peaceful and authentic life through her work.

I can let millions of words cascade from this page to boast about how awesome Asatta is, but you should see for yourself. If you are ever in Central Florida, sign up for a class to experience your own spiritual awakening and self- discovery.

She shared some helpful tips for all of us:

  • Put down the drama and focus on what you want
  • Set up healthy boundaries are extremely important.
  • Let go of unhealthy situations.
  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Be able to laugh at yourself and know how to fail.
  • Change your mentality, to make better choices.
  • Love what you do.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed thinking about the big things, focus on the smaller things.
  • Always remember that peace takes time, without peace, you cannot make good decisions.
  • Fight hate with love.


Be like Asatta.

Be Brave.

Be love.

Be light.

We are CurlyBae.


CurlyBaesign out


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