CurlyBae Crush of the Week: Kia White

Aww mehn guys! It’s Monday so you know what that means???


CurlyBae Crush of the Week! This week the crown goes to none other than…


10989956_10153045903428340_906981429162359440_n (1)


Prior to her nomination, I don’t think I have ever spoken to her except for positive exchanges on social media. Speaking with her definitely took me to a different realm of appreciation for what she does and what she stands for. 

KIA WHITE IS DOMINATING THE SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD! What separates her from the other pretty girls on IG?

You may look at her profile pictures and say, oh she is just a model. Wrong-O! Kia possesses a talent that most people wish they have. She is in tune with her body and her mind. A modern day Pocahontas.

Photo Cred: Stephen Cruz

As cliche as it may sound, Kia is more than just a pretty face! At first glance you would think she is a free spirit. Hell, she would describe herself as a free spirit. However, Kia is an analytical thinker. Always in deep thought and strategizing her next move.

At the tender age of 7, Kia fell in love with the art of dance She became an instructor by 11, and developed a passion for inspiring young women through the art of dance. She moved back to the Virgin Islands for high school, where she realized that there was not too many outlets for young people to be properly trained in performing arts. She noticed many idle children and young adults that were not tapping into their full potential.


She wants to be able to provide that outlet for young people, and she is well on her way. Kia has a story to tell, almost like a lifetime movie! Through it all, she does not let her pain define her. Instead, she let’s her story speak through her photos. With each photo meticulously taken, it tells her story. Each photo evokes emotion. Her photos speak to women everywhere. Empowering all. Saying, “YOU CAN AND YOU WILL!”

IMG_4835 (1)
Photo Cred: Tony Bonjovi La Beet

Kia is a natural born beauty! Everything from her freckles on her face to her smooth caramel complexion. Through a life of harsh experiences, Kia has learned to be comfortable with herself. People gravitate towards her playful and fun loving personality.

Photo Cred: Sean David

Her doll like freckles are just the beginning of her impeccable features! She dominates the natural hair world by creating beautiful hair styles in the comfort of her own home, with no formal training! Her go to style is a twist out using Cantu Coconut Curling Cream, however, she experiments so often it is hard to keep up. A true style chameleon!

IMG_5244 (1)

As a mother of two, Kia juggles the everyday hardships of life, work, her brand, and helping others. A plethora of projects have been landing in her lap. She credits her success to dark times. Had she not gone through these tough moments, she would not appreciate the light at the end of the tunnel. Her driving force to succeed will not be wavered by trivial obstacles.


IMG_3126 (1)
“We are all out her figuring it out. As long as it is a positive direction, we should be uplifting to one another.” -Kia White

From her boys, she has learned to be more forgiving and understanding and compassionate. She learned the true values of life. She thrives to teach young boys, including her own, to show respect for everyone, control their emotions, and how to become a leader. She wants to teach young girls that they have value and they are more than just an ornament for men to use and abuse. A huge advocate for eliminating the social norm of harassment and pressure that has molded our society.

Fierce is too tame of a word to begin to describe Kia!


Photo Cred: ShotBySed


So when you see Kia. Don’t think she is just a model. She is a revolutionary, a future philanthropist, a nurturing spirit, a planner, hard working, insightful, an inspiration to those who who may get lost in the make believe world of social media.










CURLYBAEsign out


3 thoughts on “CurlyBae Crush of the Week: Kia White”

  1. Great choice Tashea! Kia is a very kool lady! Very down to earth as well! She has a great spirit that resonates beyond her physical attributes! Blessed Up Kia meh gyurl!


  2. Again….another phenomenal curlybae and another amazing read! I don’t know Ms.White personally but I love the energy that she gives off! Tashea kudos for you for surrounding and uplifting these beautiful souls that surround you!


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