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In honor of “Like A Boss Month” I have decided to feature some bloggers, vloggers, and social media content creators!


Today, I would like to introduce you to Markida Scotland!

Her blog Local Lady Media is a humorous entertainment  blog. It covers everything from Virgin Islands and pop culture. She captures the highlights from TV and movies, to life’s random adventures through her eyes. She has crowned herself Miss Media 2016 and will hold that crown until further notice (aka FOREVA!)  Markida is a witty wordsmith, a side-eye Suzerain, and ludicrous literati with an appetite for providing commentary on any topic because there is no shortage of foolishness/interesting things in the world.

Enjoy! Leave a comment! Show some support and check out her blog!


By Local Lady Media

It was late Tuesday evening when I was on Facebook not minding my business as per usual. During my typical perusal of the site, I stumbled across a myriad of users essentially losing their minds by participating in what is apparently called “The Hell Challenge.” What is it? To put it simply, you ask your parents “is hell a curse word?” and see what happens.

 Who does this? No really? Who woke up and decided “Today is a great day to test the waters of my parents’ patience.” Also, why? I thought we put an end to weird Facebook challenges after kids were lighting themselves on fire? Again…Why?



I can’t speak for parents all over the world, but I can speak of the West Indian parents that I know. That challenge is essentially playing Russian Roulette with your life. It’s a hit or miss. West Indian parents’ reaction to cursing/any form of rudeness is either complete lack of care or start planning your funeral. There is no in-between. And this all depends on their mood.



Did I do the hell challenge? Clearly, I am still alive so no I didn’t. I did, however, tell my grandmother about the challenge and was met with a long rant about disrespect, a cuff upside the head, and a reminder that even though I’m pushing 25 I am still technically a child and should remain in a child’s place (unless I’m paying bills. Because…Bills). And I repeat, mind you, I didn’t even do the damn challenge!

But I digress, many shared the same thoughts as I did and completely aborted that mission. They didn’t pass go. To hell with collecting $200. Just nope. We formed the “Collective Nah Society” and didn’t risk it.


Because as old as we may be, some things just aren’t worth it. Especially five seconds of jokes on Facebook.

Hell Challenge 3Hell Challenge 7_LI (3)


Oh, but of course I can’t forget. There is a special category of West Indian parents.

 Hell Challenge 4 extra

Now she has to douse holy water on you for the next five days, tell all your relatives about how rude you were and how you tried to fight her via text, and receive side-eyes from all the elders at the next family get together.

Who sent you?

There you have it! Give another round of applause to the literary Markida Scotland from Local Lady Media!

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