CurlyBae Crush of the Week: Kaiisa Pinney

Photo Cred: Kevon Richardson. MUA: Syvonne Richardson

It takes a special type of woman to be loved by all. I made a post a few weeks back, asking who should be the next CurlyBae crush of the week. I woke up the next morning to my email being flooded by people who just love this adorable beauty!


I have seen her around on social media as I have been in admiration of her obvious beauty. Her Facebook profile boasts the most stunning pictures I had ever seen. She carries an air of self awareness, alway with her head held high and a captivating smile. What makes her even more intriguing is her hint of innocence through her dynamic presence.


It was my first time ever hearing her voice and from the first few seconds, I felt the warmth of her energy through the phone. The conversation lasted for hours, I felt as though I was talking to a long lost friend! Her maturity surpasses her 24 years of life, which she proudly boasts the scars that helped mold her maturity.

Kaiisa, also known as, St. Kaii, is a Caribbean model who prides her love for art and fashion. She lives for capturing art, creating art, and being art. Her intense passion for art creates her upward, fast-paced momentum. This fashion-forward naturalista is anything but boring. She does not plan to conform to society’s standards on social media or in real life. She is hopeful to stand firm and one day inspire young girls and women to demand self respect and to follow their dreams.”If you are doing the right thing, the right person will see it, and the right person will appreciate it,” says Kaiisa.

Photo Cred: Vee Trilla – Bloom MUA: Prici Lopez

She is currently working in aviation at SouthWest. What’s the most impressive about her is how she finds beauty and interest in the smallest things we would take for granted. She once stood in line for 30 minutes waiting to meet the CEO of her company, just because she wanted to be in the presence of his brilliance. She made a mental note that she will be successful like him one day.


What is there not to love about this spunky, rarity? Everything about her is uber original, there is no way you would find a duplicate. Her trademark moles on the left side of her face, her sun kissed golden skin, infectious smile, and beautiful thick mane! What is her secret to her bodacious curls? MOISTURIZE AND TRIM OFTEN!!!!


She sporadically did the big chop in 2015. Now that she is 2 years in on her natural hair journey, she has embraced her badass personality and frequently switches up her main, but not at the expense of the health of her hair. Even with color treated hair she still is careful not to put too much stress on her hair.


To describe her as stylish is an understatement. Kaiisa herself is a statement. She prides herself in being able to make an outfit out of anything. She wears fashion, fashion does not wear her. She is what I would like to call a “Style Chameleon.”

She is definitely a girl’s girl. The type to be super sweet when it’s needed, yet still give you the blunt sting of truth when you side track. She is adventurous, with a cheerful attitude, and keeps her future in tunnel vision. Kaiisa looks up to those who have made it for themselves such as Rihanna, R. City brothers , Theron and Timothy, and Teyana Taylor and plans to follow in their footsteps.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Kaiisa signed out with touching words that we should all keep in the back of our minds. “For change to happen, you must change your perspective.” She goes on to credit experience for her wisdom. She has learned the value of holding herself accountable for her actions, being consistent with her decisions, and listening to her mother. (lol inside joke)

What a fun spirit!!

Why Kaiisa is CurlyBae crush of the week? Well, she is as pure as you will find them. Humble. Ambitious. Cool kid on the block. She is the best friend that you wish you had in your corner. Be like Kaiisa.

Be a RockStar.

Be Influential.

Be full of life.

We are CurlyBae.



CurlyBaesign out


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