V-Day with NO BAE!

It’s that time of the year again. Forced to see all of the pretty little pink, red and white decor. Delicious food paired with a dry white wine. Gorgeous Valentine’s day glam. And guess what my salty ass is doing?

Sitting in my living room, watching my son make a mess that I am sure will be hell to clean up, and scrolling through Instagram while I think back on all the people I curved since last valentine.

I said to myself, this year will be different… Psyche! I’m just kidding. It will be different, because this year I am learning to indulge in myself. I am learning how to express gratitude for what I have been blessed with.

I may not have a man, but I have life and I have amazing friends and son. I’ll share with you how I take my lonely, pity party and turn it into my own GAL-entine Shindig for myself and who ever else that would like to join!

First, the snacks!

Heart Shaped Red Velvet Cupcakes with Strawberry Fluff Frosting!



-A box of red velvet cake mix

– 1 Silicone Heart Shaped baking pan

-butter/ lard

-Fluffy Strawberry icing

-Red, pink and white sprinkles

Follow the directions on the box. I am no baker, and I will probably get you messed up following my instructions! lol

Yummy Double Berry Jello Parfait

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Items used:

-Mason jars

-Decorative Ribbon

-Nilla Wafers (Crushed)

-Chopped Strawberries/ Blackberries

-Vanilla Yogurt

-Strawberry Jello (cubed)

Pretty simple! Layer the cubed jello at the bottom. Next pour in some yogurt. Then the berries. Layer another yogurt. Then layer on some Nilla wafers on top. Tie a pretty ribbon around the top and viola! Perfection!

Next up drinks!

Gal-entine won’t be gal-entine without the booze! Here is my favorite recipe!

Watermelon Vice!



-Cubed Watermelons

-2 cups of ice

-Watermelon Margarita/ Daiquiri mix

-1/2 cup Coco Lopez

-1/3 cup of Pineapple juice

-6 oz of tequila

-4 oz of passion fruit rum

First we will make the Pina Colada part. Pour in the pineapple juice, passion fruit rum, ice, and coco lopez into blender and blend. Then pour into a separate cup. Next, take the watermelon mix, tequila, and ice and blend as well. When finished, layer the watermelon on top of the pina colada in the margarita glass. You can swirl it for a pretty effect. Add cubes of watermelon for garnish!

Next order you some sushi, pop in a romantic movie and enjoy with your single gal pals or by yourself.

It’s valentine’s day and everyone deserves to be spoiled. Even if it means spoiling yourself or your gal pals!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


CurlyBaesign out





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