CurlyBae Crush of the Week: Stacy Matthews!

Hey Curlies! Get ready to be mesmerized! Our crush this week is  a knockout beauty who’s work ethic demands your attention. Meet Stacy Matthews, a rising star of Thomian and Dominican descent. She has graced many runways and print advertisements throughout the Caribbean. You may have recognized her from the BVI Summer Sizzle’s Runway that boasts a star-studded audience. Being in the presence of stars, such as Taraji P. Henson (Empire) and Nigel Barker (America’s Next Top Model), she is everything you can imagine an “It” girl to be.


She describes herself as an introvert, however, when the camera is on,  she lets her talent speak for her. She uses her reserved persona as a benefit to her career, which provides her the ability to scout opportunities and strategize her next move! And with her track record, she can go no other direction than up.

22 year -old Matthews displays a promising future as she delivers quality work to anyone that has worked with her. She aspires to relocate to New York and pursue her dream in modeling. She stands 5’10” tall with a slender frame this naturalista plans to dominate the fashion world. She was not always confident, she admits. In her early years, her body type would be the bunt of the joke among her peers. She has fallen in love with runway modeling because her body type is appreciated in this field. She has grown to accept and love every inch of her frame.


When asked what separates her from other models, she rightfully claims her beautiful natural mane. She has never had a relaxer and has only colored her hair once! She maintains her well nourished hair by establishing a hair care routine. Caring for her type 4b hair is a breeze. She generally does not switch up what works for her. Her natural hair must- haves are Cantu Leave-In Conditioner, coconut oil, and olive oil using the LOC method (Liquid, Oil, Cream.)  You may often see her rocking her fluffy mane somewhere on the beach. The bigger, the better. It’s her signature look.



Her unwavering confidence has earned her a spot as CurlyBae crush of the week.

We Are Daring!

We Are Bold!

We are CurlyBae!



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