CurlyBae of the Week: Jessica Mac Donna

The first of the year! New start! I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of the same old line! “New year, new me.” Ugh, just sick.

Time to get up off of our asses and do something about it! Luckily, I know one person that will inspire you to take that leap of faith and push you into a new realm of motivation.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me the pleasure of introducing the first CurlyBae of the week 2017. Jessica Mac Donna!


This spunky Latina is more than just a gorgeous face! She is the definition of everything that CurlyBae stands for! Empowering women to be independent, creative, humble, fun, and did I mention tenacious?

She is one of the youngest female restaurateurs in the U.S. Virgin Islands! She has established a successful restaurant,  Sabroso , a quaint hidden treasure of St. Thomas! Her contagious smile is known to brighten any room, and boy can this girl dance! She hones many talents such as cooking and dancing, but her biggest talent of all is acquiring her entrepreneurial skills.

Jessica is  one lady who knows how to run a business and is not afraid to ask if she needs help. Her lovable spirit makes it easy for anyone to say yes! The fiery smile she wears everyday is fueled by her passion for making others happy through her entrees.

She is adored by many locals and tourists whose palettes have been blessed by her mouthwatering meals.


Jessica admits it was not all a bed of roses. She worked hard and felt overwhelmed at times. Giving up never crossed her mind. “The reason I have accomplished many goals is because I am not afraid to fail.”, says Jessica.

Jessica had been nominated as CurlyBae of Week because she has effortlessly proven many times that you don’t have to sacrifice your beauty in order to gain success. Sometimes when chasing our dreams we tend to neglect our routine in attempts to cut corners. Jessica  admits that she has fallen victim as well at times. However, she boasts on maintaining a polished look by keeping it simple.

Although she keeps it simple, she is no plain Jane! She has been transitioning since October 2015. Since then she has traded her long, straight mane for a more natural bob. Her go- to style is a sleek blown out bob, however, she loves to switch it up with a cute tapered Afro. Her luscious red curls scores her a ten on #hairgoals!


These days Jessica is on top of the world! With an amazing boyfriend, supportive family and friends, it’s no wonder her restaurant’s success is growing rapidly. Her restaurant is growing so fast, it is moving to an EVEN BIGGER LOCATION in a few weeks to accommodate the growing clientele! How exciting!


One thing Jessica has learned in her journey is once you branch out to do your own thing, it is harder to work for someone else. That is one reason you should thrive to continue to keep winning. Being independent has the biggest returns, not only financially but in your personal growth as well. She stays true to herself and maintains the principles of tenacity and discipline.

Be a Jessica. Effortlessly Beautiful. Effortlessly Fearless. Effortlessly CurlyBae.

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4 thoughts on “CurlyBae of the Week: Jessica Mac Donna”

  1. I love this curlybae! This a another beautifully written piece on a beautiful person! Congrats to you both. Tashea you’re a wizard with a pen and paper! 😍


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