Meet Shenika Freeman: First CurlyBae of the Week

Hey Curlies! Meet Shenika Freeman, R.N., B.S.N., C.L.C. Phew that’s a mouthful, and yet I still can’t find enough words to describe this rare gem.img_3051

This bubbly beauty is just what the doctor ordered on this bleak Monday. I have known her for years and watched her blossom.


She started her natural hair journey with the big chop on December 31, 2013. Pretty ballsy! I have watched her hair flourish as she experimented with protective hairstyles; including crochet braids and high puffs. Her go-to natural hair product is Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave in conditioner. She praises the manageability that it gives her hair for a lust-worthy mane.


I remember her first perm story, which was an absolute nightmare. She struggled to find her hair identity and what worked for her. As we all did trying to find our personality and spirit, this girl had something extremely special outside of her physical appearance.

No matter what struggles she had gone through and despite the relentless evil banter from our peers, she managed to remain such a pure soul.

Her infectious smile is the remedy for a bad day. She believes confidence is the number one beauty must-have in her arsenal. She believes that vibes can predict how your day may turn out. “You always have two options either be pleasant or be bitter.”

As a single mom , she has learned to embrace her insecurities and pass on her knowledge to her two beautiful children. Shenika’s charming spirit shines through her work as a Registered Nurse.


She hopes to enroll in a university to obtain her Master’s Degree. She aspires one day to open her own center which will be able to assist mothers with breastfeeding education. WHAT A WOMAN!

When Shenika is asked to describe herself, she answers modestly, “What you see is what you get!” She boasts a positive lifestyle and lives to spread love and positivity in those of need of her shine.

By far the most stunning being I have encountered and I am forever grateful to be blessed by her presence, let alone to have the privilege to call her my friend!


What makes her the biggest crush of all is her selflessness. She dedicates her entire life to helping others regardless of any hardships or heartbreaks she may be experiencing. Because of her heart of gold, Shenika has been nominated as first CurlyBae of the Week. She has won the Disney Ferrytales Dessert Cruise for her and her adorable kids to enjoy and a night under the stars ending with fireworks! This retails at about a $300 package!


We should learn a life lesson from Shenika.

Shenika is all of us.

We Are CurlyBae!


CurlyBae sign out


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