I Want A Beat Face

When it comes to makeup I am extremely challenged. I never could make it through a makeup tutorial on YouTube…ever! I would see the introduction and the end results. Then the girl would start talking about her NC Double F 57 brush with the warm honey concealer and all this baking going on. I damn sure didn’t see an oven in the description box.

What does this all mean? Why am I always lost when I walk into a makeup store? Those girls at the counter always get me to buy a tool, item, or color that I will never use. They tend to under exaggerate my complexion and choose the pastiest color!

Maybe I’m not interested, but when it’s time to look good. I never get my makeup right.

I can recall a time that I had to go on a HOT DATE. He was the kind of guy that makes your body tense up with the sound of his name. He walks into a room, and his smell makes you melt before you even spot him. Yep! He was THAT MAN! This kind of man comes far and few in-between. The type of guy your mother used to warn you about.

But who cares! I live for the thrill. I know that it will end in heartbreak but I am down for the ride until the last Taylor Swift heartbreak song plays.

It was our first date! I was too excited. It took two days to find the perfect outfit. A bodycon white dress, with a pop of color with blush stilettos. My hair was in a cute high bun. My accessories were at a bare minimum because for the first time “I HAD DRESSED FOR HIM, INSTEAD OF MYSELF!”

I had 45 minutes to spare. For any other girl that would be ample time. However, it was me and I do not have a steady hand. I tried to recall what I saw one of the other YouTubers do in a video. Only problem was, I had never actually finished watching a tutorial. So, I tried to remember bits and pieces as I “BEAT MY FACE”!

Things were going well. The powders were blending; the shadows were vibrant my lips were Pahp-pin.  Although, now that I look back on it, I am positive that my face was way too pasty.Then came every make up novice’s nightmare. THE WINGED LINER. I started with my left eye. Then I couldn’t get my right to look like my left. Then I added more liner to my left to make up for the extra thick line my unsteady hand made. I kept going like this about 2 to 3 times before I realized that maybe this is too much.

Now the smart person would use concealer to fix the mistake. But NOOOOOOO. Tashea had to add more, now she got two black eyes. I added more eyeshadow to compensate. Now this would have worked, maybe if I used a little primer. However, I didn’t so the eyeshadow clumped into my crease. Ugh I’m so frustrated just writing about it.

I then decided maybe if I put on lashes, maybe, just maybe it will take away from the Lady Gaga mess on my face. I struggled to put the first one on. It was bent a little, my eyes were itchy and running, and there was glue everywhere. I just figured the mascara would hide that. Now I am PRETTY SURE, a YouTuber said that… or maybe it was Glamour Magazine. Any who, that did not work and my eyes were pouring water and bloodshot.

I got a call and I began to panic, “IT ISN’T 8 o’ clock yet!” The voice on the other line sounded shocked and replied, “I know but I couldn’t wait to see your beautiful face so I came a little earlier if you don’t mind.” YES, YES I DO MIND. I answered calmly, “Aww you are too smooth, come on in.” Freaking out, I unlocked the door and ran into the bathroom before he saw me. He sat on my couch for 30 minutes longer than he expected.

I could tell he was impatient and my frustration was sensed even through the closed door.

Suddenly, I heard a rattling at the door. “NO I’M NOT REA-….” Too late. There we were, both staring at my reflection in the mirror. The most awkward 5 seconds of my life. He said quietly, our reservations would be cancelled if we don’t leave soon. I DIED!!!!!

I washed my face and put some moisturizer on and my everyday go to face. My products include, BB Cream, one eyeshadow, and a dark lipstick which ties the whole face together. Nothing crazy, but when I stepped out, this fool had the nerve to say “Phew, now that’s better! I was a little worried that… uh… you look beautiful baby. You don’t need make up.” What he meant to say was, we ain’t going nowhere with that hot mess on your face.

Moral of the story is I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO APPLY MAKE UP.

So today I vow to challenge myself to a MAKEUP CHALLENGE!!! For the next 365 days. I will post a video of me attempting to accomplish a look from a YouTube makeup tutorial.

You guys can join too. You can always recommend videos by sending me links. This will be one of the hardest challenges ever. I hope you guys stick with me through this one.

I need your support! Add yourself to my mailing list so that you can get updates. As well as subscribe to my YouTube Channel and turn on the notifications so that you can follow this experience.

Thank You So Much.





4 thoughts on “I Want A Beat Face”

  1. I swear your stories should be featured in a stage play! I’m right up that alley with you. I do the bare as well, so this is a great challenge for me too! Makeup certainly takes up too much time for me. And all these damn brushes and layers drive me crazy. So I completely understand why you can’t make it through a tutorial because I can’t either! Lol


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