Buyer Beware: Hair, Skin, and Nails Supplements

So here I am, scrolling through Instagram. The pretty women with their flawless skin, flourishing mane, and gorgeous nails. To sum up their look, I would say they defy gravity.

I wonder to myself, how can I look pulled together like that every time? How are they accomplishing this so effortlessly? Lucky for me, my investigative skills are on point! Which is pretty much just scrolling through her profile. I learned that the new trend for achieving that aura of perfection is by taking hair, skin, and nails pills. I saw a variety of them that promised the world of beauty.

I clicked on the link that took me to the website where the pills were sold. To my dismay, these pills were extremely expensive. I didn’t even think twice. I closed the window to the site. There must be another way, possibly a generic brand? I googled some cheaper brands. After doing my research, I saw that I could live with the difference in the pills. They were two ingredients off from one another. I decided, to just pop in to Walmart and pick up a bottle to try out. I was beyond excited.

Prior to using HSN, I used prenatal pills as a source of vitamin. I then replaced my VITAMINS (which is a no-no) with my HSN pills. I read the directions and I became a bit concerned. It stated I had to take 3 pills daily with a meal. I asked myself, 3 at the same time? Or 3 with each meal? It concerned me because of my busy schedule, I’m lucky if I get 3 meals a day. I decided to take them 3 at a time during the one meal I never skip. LUNCH.

I could just imagine the compliments I was going to receive. I too would have that Hollywood glow of perfection.

Over the course of 2 weeks, I diligently took my HSN pills. I did not notice anything in particular. Except my skin was gaining pesky pimples in random places. Pimples were under my eye, behind my earlobe, in my eyebrow. Oh and my personal favorite, by my lips. Now complete strangers will just assume I have Herpes. Great!

I did more research on the pills but I saw nothing but great reviews. Then I thought, maybe it’s the ingredients. It took me over an hour to google each ingredient that was in those capsules. Then I realized that majority of the ingredients posed risks. Whelp, what else did I expect. What really shocked me was the Biotin! I have heard nothing but good things about the biotin in the was the last ingredient I would expect. The pills boast to have 5000Mcg Biotin.

A few more weeks had past and I began to notice drastic changes in hair growth. Only problem was, it was not coming from my head. There was a bush forming under my usually hairless armpits. There was a mini bush on my lady parts. There was bush on my legs, on my forearms, in my butt, even my MOLE had hairs growing. I could not believe this was happening. My nails were stronger, yes, and I am grateful but I look like a teenaged werewolf with claws.

After the initial shock, I decided to schedule my wax appointment earlier than normal. Because I am a relatively hairless person, my wax specialist was extremely shocked I was back so soon. She was even more shocked when I got naked. I did not disclose to her that I was taking HSN. She then said, looks like someone has finally hit puberty! As embarrassed as I was, I could not reply.

Once I was fully prepped, she applied her first layer of wax on my lady parts. I figured that since I’m a bit longer than usual, it wouldn’t be so bad. She will be able to get most of the hair off in one pull. Then without warning. RRRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPP The next 18 seconds were filled with motherbleeps and holylicks and a bunch of colorful words that won’t make my mother proud. After I calmed down and caught my breath, I looked down to see how much hair was gone. I was shocked when I still saw a full head of hair still attached. I was too sore to endure anymore pain and she had just begun. Ten more strips to go. She became increasingly impatient with the screaming.  I then admitted to her I had been taking HSN pills. Then she finally understood.

She took a break to explain to me that my hair everywhere will come back thicker. Now that I am taking these pills, it will be more painful because even the roots of my strands were doubled in thickness. I brought this on myself. She then advised that I would need to start exfoliating more often so that my hair will not get trapped under my skin. At this point, decides to flip me over and work on my back door. She paid close attention to every spot and went back over with her tweezers. This by far was the longest wax appointment ever!! And the most expensive.

From this point on, I made a permanent decision that I will not be taking these pills again. For one thing, I already have thick hair, why should I be greedy? Number two, I do not want hair in places that I can avoid growing hair, such as my back, mustache, and my mole. Three, my skin does not react well with biotin.

HSN pills are great for those who actually need it. If you are thinking about trying them, here are some points you should consider.

  1. Speak with your dermatologist prior to taking these pills. They may have another alternative.
  2. Be prepared that you may get hair growth in unexpected places.
  3. Do not be discouraged that you do not get the results that you expected. You cannot expect much from over the counter pills.
  4. You may experience breakouts.
  5. You may experience vitamin overdose which may cause serious side effects.
  6. You have to stay consistent. Follow the directions exactly as it is stated on the label.

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