My Secrets to Staying SLIMTHICK! : How I lost 110 lbs!!!

So there you are, reminiscing on when you first said, “Monday, I’m going on a diet! No more junk food, I’ll do the Beyoncé Diet and I’ll be fine as hell in 1 month.” How has that worked out for you?

Here are my top nine secrets to obtaining and maintaining your ideal body! A little disclaimer: There is NO MAGIC POTION TO TAKE!

  1. Build Muscle, Burn Fat

You want to make sure you are building muscle as you shed the pounds, so cardio alone is just not going to cut it.  Add protein to your diet such as lean meats, legumes, peanut butter, etc. Also, strength training is a must! You must use more than just the bench press or you would look pretty odd. If you are unsure of what to do, join a class, get a trainer, join a friend. Whatever you do, just know that strength training is just not an option!


  1. Get Motivated

I know working out could feel like a chore at times, but what if I told you it doesn’t have to be? Here is a list of things that help me stay motivated!

  • Make a playlist of 30 minutes worth of music that gets you moving even on a bad day.
  • Get new workout gear. Throw out old tattered clothing and replenish with fun new sneakers and fun matching workout gear. This will get you excited to hit the gym. Remember if you look good, you will feel good.
  • Switch it Up! You do not have to commit to the same workout every time. If you hit the gym today, then tomorrow you can take a run, or ride a bike, or even go swimming. The key is to stay active. Exploring new options, helps you find out what works.
  • Take a class. Do something you enjoy doing or something you have never done before. For example, you can look up African tribal dance classes or belly dancing or pole classes in your area. Check your local newspapers for establishments that offer free classes to try out, including kickboxing and yoga.
  • Make it a family affair! Include your loved ones like a friend or relative to join and motivate you. You can compete with each other and get fit together. In my case, I have a few friends that are constantly pushing me to my limits. I even plan a glow stick dance party with my son randomly, which gives us both a workout. The best part? It is free and doesn’t feel like a chore because you are genuinely having fun. My motto, “Friends that work out together, stay fine together!”
  • Avoid the scale at all costs. You will get unmotivated whether you gain or lose weight. So be mindful on how you track your progress.


  1. Get you a JROD. JRod is my personal trainer at LA Fitness. He is the best trainer by far. I give him the wickedest looks, but it is all love because I know I will see results. I turned to JRod when I was stuck in a fitness rut. He assessed me, he asked me what I was looking for, and he did something that none of my other trainers have ever done before… HE LISTENED TO ME!

He knew my insecurities, and he tailored my workouts based on what I loved. JRod, makes me so excited to get up and keep moving. He curtails my lack of attention span and he makes every minute worth working out.

Every day, whether he sees you in the gym or not, he sends these crazy motivational texts with quirky pictures from his less than fit days. He shows his clients that, he was once where we are. He genuinely cares about each client and engages with his clients in a professional manner.

By far his program WORKS! JROD can be anybody in your life that motivates you to push yourself and test your limits. Follow the hashtag #deathbyjrod on IG so you can keep up with the insanity.


  1. Organize Your Life! I know you have heard it plenty. “Get yo s#%$ together!” Well there is a reason why that is important. Planning out your day and sticking to it, makes life much smoother. For instance, get a calendar or planner. Plan out everything that you will have to do on a weekly basis. Then, add your meals that you plan to eat for the week. You may even cook them and freeze them. This cuts down prep time and gives you more time for yourself so that you can focus on YOU! Commit to the minimum three days a week and you can work yourself up. Make it fun. You can set up a menu for “Meatless Monday” or “Soupy Saturday” and explore new recipes.


  1. Commit or Bust! You must fulfill your obligations to your rent, utilities, credit cards, your job, school, child(ren), but hardly ever commit to yourself. You need to set aside that time slot for just you for a peace of mind. Why not make it GYM TIME?


  1. Eat Clean. We live in the mother country of “fake food”. It is hard to say what is good, from what is bad. I use this as a rule of thumb:


  • Do not eat anything that is sold in a bag or packaging.
  • Do not by frozen anything! Fish, Shrimp, Chicken.
  • Add more color to your diet. For example, more greens, squash, etc.
  • Minimal Cheat Days, Limit to no more than 2 to 3 a month.
  • Avoid Supplements. Opt for multivitamins for more energy.
  • Try new foods. Sometimes getting out of that food rut is all you need to boost your metabolism.
  • Drink more water, and cut back on sugary drinks.
  • Snack responsibly.
  • Limit eating out!


  1. Dress The Part. You want to look good, but not quite there yet. Then dress for your body type. Fake it, till you make it. Here are a few items that can help you look slimmer and toned.
  • Wear darker color clothing. It does not necessarily have to be black. Colors such as royal blue, emerald green and oxblood are universally flattering options.
  • High waisted pants can also be flattering. Caution: do not use these as a girdle
  • Strategic Patterns. Vertical prints or secret dark panels are flattering for any size.
  • Avoid baggy clothes. They tend to make you appear bigger than you really are.
  • Wear heels elongates your legs, which creates a more lean, hourglass figure.
  • Body Shapers such as girdles, waist trainers, booty pops, are temporary fixes while your body is “under construction”.


  1. Set a REALISTIC GOAL for yourself. Following ridiculous fad diets are counterproductive. You waste a lot of money, slow down your metabolism, as well as decrease your energy. Do not expect a change overnight. It takes time. Fad diets never last. So implement Practices that you can commit to long term.



I call it the PLUS ONE, MINUS ONE!

This easy trick helps no matter what your goal is!


Okay so read carefully and take notes. What you want to do is:

Step 1: Make a list of all of your bad habits. I.e. Eating out, fried foods, soda, etc.

Step 2: Make a list of Good Habits that you neglect. i.e. Eating fruits, drinking water, etc.

Step 3: Choose one thing from each list.

Step 4: Replace a Bad Habit with a Good Habit.

Step 5: Execute


This helps get your body accustomed to making healthier decisions, instead of going cold turkey. Going cold turkey on a die-hard habit causes withdrawals and relapse. The point of this hack is to avoid this. I literally lost 110 lbs. with this trick.

Take a quick peek at the insanity in these videos!





14 thoughts on “My Secrets to Staying SLIMTHICK! : How I lost 110 lbs!!!”

  1. Great Post Tashea!!!

    I stop eating junk and i started buying organic fruit, veggies and I drink a lot of water. I can feel the difference and my face does not beak out anymore. I workout 3 or 4 times a week but I think I need a work out buddy or a Jrod 😕


  2. I’m just remembering when you tortured me & my friend in your workout class years ago! LOL! I’m glad you’re still kicking butt even if its your own! LOL!


  3. Awesome tips meh gyurl! I remember those days when u would try 2 kill me while working out(LOL), so I know u know ur stuff! Doing a lot of that stuff now, but will incorporate the rest! Thanks T!


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