DIY Diva Light

So one of the many life traits that I acquired in life is how to work with what I have.

Meaning, I do not live outside of my means and just because everyone else has it, it does not mean that I need it.

This is my second YouTube video, and I learned so many lessons from the first one. One lesson is lighting can either make or break you. You could be the most beautiful woman in the universe, but if you have  improper lighting, you would have a hard time convincing others of your beauty.

I did some research and realized that the key all of my favorite You Tubers videos was (insert drum roll) “THE DIVA LIGHT”.

Now I am by far the least tech savvy person on the face of this planet, but I figured once I get this lighting it would solve ALL of my problems. So I went to Amazon to order the first light I saw. I mean come on, for a light stand and a bulb, how expensive could it really be?

My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach when I saw the prices. They ranged from $200 up to about $500, not including the light stand or the diffusion cloth!!! Then there were so many different types. Need less to say, I was lost!

Now from years of experience, I did know to always read the reviews, never buy something that seems too good to be true, and daylight> fluorescent. Either way, I could not afford it. So I decided to make my own.

I read many blog posts, watched the videos, made my observations, and of course made my own tweaks based on what made sense to me.

Everything I needed came up to $18 including tax! My light works great! When I told my mom what I was doing, she couldn’t have been more proud. After our two hour conversation, I set out to buy my supplies. Once I got home and set up my work space. I realized my mom sent me a text.

When I checked it, it was a screenshot of the confirmation of my very own DIVA LIGHT!!! I may have passed out. I may have cried. I may have jumped out of my own skin just to have a witness. Whatever happened next did not matter.

She was extremely proud of my dedication to perfecting my craft, that she sent me the ultimate “I believe in you” gift.  That is all that I needed. I will still use my own light as well as my professional light for my projects in the future.

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