What’s In My Natural Hair Arsenal? Basic Survival Checklist

As a natural, it is common to want to try out every product on the market that promises “HAIR GOALS”. To be honest, this can be a bit pricey. You only need a few items. This is just a basic checklist for consistently flawless hair.  I am not promoting for any brands, these products are just what I use and what works for my 4B hair.

  • A spray bottle – I fill mine  with 3/4 part water and 1/4 part Apple Cider Vinegar. It is crucial to begin the moisturizing and detangling process with spritzing your hair with water. This helps with absorption of the product, decrease friction, and promote slip. 
  • Holding Gel-  Eco Styler Gel. As a natural, we have all experienced frizz and shrinkage. A good gel will prevent and minimize this issue.  A little bit goes a long way with this  product. It is easy to use helps hold the most difficult styles and still maintains flexibility. It is perfect for edges, the perfect ponytail, twist outs and everything else under the sun. 
  • Oil- My favorite is Gifted Oils . It’s the ultimate all-in-one go-to oil. It’s perfect for any season of the year. My favorite part is that it is inexpensive and a little bit goes a long way. Instead of buying individual oils, which can get pretty expensive, this all natural oil has the strength to tackle all of your natural hair problems. Gifted Oils promotes growth stimulation, moisture retention, and restores hair that lacks luster.gifted oils
  • Creamy Moisturizer- As I Am Leave in Moisturizer. The sealant of all sealants. It promotes a smooth shaft and easy transition between styles. It gives my styles the perfect coating with out the extra greasiness. 
  • Shampoo- The best type of shampoo is black soap based. I use Shea Moisture Organic African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo. It cleanses my hair without stripping my strands. It is PERFECT!

  • Co Wash- At this moment, I am obsessed with As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner. I do not wash my hair consistently, but I do Co wash at least once a week. This helps maintain moisture and deflects you from stripping your follicles from its natural oils. MAJOR KEY.

Of course, you will still need the basic styling tools like a wide tooth comb, a vent brush, a boar bristle brush and plenty of bobby pins and hair ties.

Good Luck with your Journey. Check out my latest YouTube video, “How I Revive My Damaged Curls”!




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