Skin Deep (My Battle with Acne)

I know that this is supposed to be mainly a natural hair blog, but there is one struggle I have to address as a natural hair maven, which may help anyone else experiencing this. ACNE. DUN. DUN. DUUUNNNNN!!!

Since I have started transitioning in 2011, I noticed my skin was changing as well. Maybe it was the environmental change from the states to the Caribbean. Or it could be the new natural oils that I moisturized my hair with, that may have migrated from my scalp to clogging my pores.

Either way, my skin was looking like the bottom of a Crunch Candy Bar and something needed to be done.

I tried almost every drugstore product that solicited incredible results. I googled at-home remedies such as DIY lemon scrubs and mayonnaise masks.You name it, I’ve done it all. Anytime someone gave a suggestion, I jumped at it without hesitation.

After a few days of trying each remedy, I  began to hallucinate results. I noticed maybe one or two pimples gone, and I would be excited to show off my almost new skin. However, when I had face to face interactions with people, they would always make it a point of discussion on how to relieve these symptoms. I was mortified and almost discouraged, however, I was determined.

At this point I was desperate. It’s not like I could hide my face. I was not quite sure if my “solution” was ever really working or creating more problems. So, I was back to square one.

UNTIL ONE DAY. I saw a review on YouTube by one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Forever Flawlyss. She explained this new regimen which included a product called CUROLOGY.

I did not  know what i stumbled upon when I clicked on that link. After reading about how the program worked, I gave it a shot. It was a $20 a month subscription. I put my information in, answered a few questions about my skin, and finally uploaded pictures.

At that moment, I was assigned a dermatologist who formulated and shipped out my product. I received the product in two days. Excited to use it, I ripped it open, read the directions, and from that point on, HISTORY WAS MADE!!! No more CRATER SKIN!!!

Side Note: Your skin really does get worse before it gets better, consistency is key. As well as being mindful of what you put on or in your body. 

As months passed, I started revealing more flawless skin and my doctor would tweak the formula as my skin changed. Curology changed my life! I posted pictures for you to see the before and after results. MIND YOU THE BEFORE IS SUPER GROTESQUE IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH.

Here is also a link to my personal code for those interested in trying a free month with Curology. Comment below if you have questions, concerns or even a testimonial on the product.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid ad for Curology. It is a review on a product that I tried and worked for me. Curology did not pay me to post this blog. This is solely my opinion.


UGH I am Cringing at Feb 2016
after after.jpg
Almost flawless July 2016

So there you have it my battle with ACNE….. DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!




16 thoughts on “Skin Deep (My Battle with Acne)”

  1. Well as old as I am, acne hits me from time to time as well. It’s a product of what you consume in combination with external triggers. Glad Curology worked for you, but you know you’ve always been beautiful to me. Acne and all! So stay that way inside & out “theofficialcurlybae”! Love this blog BTW! Too proud of you!

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  2. Great read! Unfortunately, this service is not available in the USVI. I really wanted to try this. I’ll wait until it’s available in my region.


    1. Wow that’s horrible. If you like you can have it mailed to someone in the states and then they mail it to you. They mail it out every 3 months. I’m sorry. Hopefully that would be soon. It is a great product.


    2. Wow that’s horrible. If you like you can have it mailed to someone in the states and then they mail it to you. They mail it out every 3 months. I’m sorry. Hopefully that would be soon. It is a great product.


  3. Great read Tashea! I love your testimony and the fact that you turned it around to help not only yourself with this battle, but to assist others as well! Can’t wait for more reads! I’m so proud of you! 🙂


  4. Wow!! I actually saw the video Alyssa made when she was talking about the product and you know in usual high subscriber count content creators you sometimes have to guess their authenticity. Love your results. Love this post


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