Online Store Officially Open!

Hey Curlfriends! Exciting news! This will be a short blog just because I want to get the info out there, but as you see from the title my online store is now officially OPEN!!! There are sizes for everyone from 6 months old and up! Right now you can get any of these products! Shirts... Continue Reading →

CurlyBae Crush of the Week: Aslin Sauer

Hey Curlfriends, This week's crush is one goal oriented charm! She is talented in ways many may not be able to comprehend! Born and raised on the small island of St. Thomas, she was able to create opportunity where others believed was scarce. Everyone, meet Aslin Sauer! A woman who has forever been determined to... Continue Reading →

CurlyBae Crush of the Week: Khelsea Al-Arefi

Featured image: Photo Cred: Efex Photography. Hey CurlFriends! This week's CurlyBae Crush of the week is tiny, but one fierce powerhouse! She is a woman who is driven by the love of art and is now preparing to dominate the art world by storm. Everyone welcome Khelsea Al-Arefi. She is undeniably gorgeous and resourceful, which... Continue Reading →

CurlyBae Crush of the Week: Asatta Jones

Hey Curlfriends, My next beauty is an absolute honor to cover. She is a Puerto Rican charm with a breathtaking aura that illuminates from within. A woman who is absolutely the most comfortable in her own skin, that it bleeds into any environment that she graces. Everyone, I would like you to meet CurlyBae Crush of... Continue Reading →

CurlyBae Crush of the Week: Fyne Chynna

Hey Curlfriends! I'm back again this week with another show stopping beauty! She is the Jane of all trades and a natural born hustler! She is none other than Fyne Chynna! Fyne Chynna is an MUA who is notoriously known for her Thursday night Facebook lives. She has become an overnight sensation with over thousands of... Continue Reading →

CurlyBae Crush of the Week: Ruthie Thomas

Hey Curlfriends, This week's beauty is the inspiration of all inspirations! She is the most lovable overachiever I have ever met. Ruthie Thomas! This fresh faced beauty has defied the hands of time. It must be the effects of breaking free and pursuing her dreams. She created a service that catapults any brand to newer... Continue Reading →

The Mane Issue

It all started on a "not as cold" fall afternoon. The air was crisp, and the smell of autumn was in the air.  I was a 9 year- old fifth grader in Houston, TX. I had recently gotten my hair relaxed that summer before school started.  Because "I like to be in-ting", as my mother... Continue Reading →

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